Saturday, 13 March 2010


I'd forgotten I had this blog - may as well make use of it now, what with the Ten Year Self Improvement Challenge n' all!

No longer feeling the need to be quite so paranoid about keeping my identity secret I think - Erin = me = joneshs = Heather Jones. Originally the idea of anonymity was cos I'd planned to use this blog to say things which I wouldn't want anyone to know were by/about me, but now I'm just brazen and out there saying what the heck! Or maybe I'm assuming no-one who knows me will read this. Hmmm. Here's a test case - lots of my friends are christian and I'm supposed to be one too, but I'm actually pretty agnostic at the moment - just going through the motions. So I may get 'outed' as a closet hypocrite.

It's too late to make a real start on TYSIC blogging (I posted a major progress update as comment on Mark's blog on Thursday, but I may paste it in here at some point as a point of reference. )

But just before I go to bed - since this is of more interest to me as a diary and record of what I'm up to, rather than a crafted piece of writing designed to attract readers from the far reaches of the internet - key points about it being rather a good day today: lovely lunch out at a 'posh'-ish restaurant as an early Mother's Day thing - all 4 of us. And both sons were on good form and very chatty.

Another positive thing today - discovered that husband's annual bonus has already been paid in to bank - will make it possible to get some necessary work done on the house (boring but very necessary - gutters etc)

Also good aspect of today = seeing 2 good films: Howl's Castle and The Soloist.

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