Monday, 15 March 2010

Live entertainment - and teenage sons

This is going to be an upbeat posting! I have had a really good week-end, with some progress on a number of aspects of my TYSIC without really having to try too hard - but it still counts, right?

On Saturday we had a family lunch together at a really nice restaurant, in honour of UK Mother's Day, albeit a day early - husband plus both sons plus me (I was particularly impressed that my 17 year old son managed to get up in time after his obligatory late, late Friday night: we pretty much left when we'd said we needed to leave in order to get to the restaurant in time!) The lunch turned out to be a very friendly and chatty family gathering, and with excellent food which didn't break the bank. Oh, and my 17 yr old son managed not to throw a hissy-fit when his starter salad turned out to have anchovies in it, which he hates: with only an occasional grimace, he managed to eat around them, despite some flavour impingement.

On Saturday late afternoon and evening I went out to see 2 films at a local cinema club on my own (but that doesn't really count towards TYSIC as I'm not counting cinema as live entertainment). The films were Howl's Castle and The Soloist - I really enjoyed both (wth a quick trip up the road for a bag of chips from the local chippy in beween - that's 'fries' if you're american: in UK we call what you call chips 'crisps'). I'm not going to review the films but they were both excellent and thought-provoking . I partly went to the screenings to support my friends who are running the club: it's early days and they're not quite breaking even yet, so every ticket sale helps. I've been to at least one film for each of their 3 monthly screenings so far.

Sunday morning I treated myself to a long lie-in and my lovely husband brought me breakfast in bed! My best present for Mother's Day, however, was a poem written for (and about) me by my 19 year old son - it was so touching that I shed a couple of tears.

Sunday evening was the Big Libel Gig up in London which I'd been looking forward to for weeks, particularly as it was my first ever chance to see Tim Minchin on stage (rather than on DVD).

So, re TYSIC about Live entertainment at least once a month = checked off for March! (now, what shall I book for April?)

I really enjoyed the show - at time I laughed so much I cried! My elder son came along with me because he really likes Tim Minchin too (another Mother's Day thing - his company, not the cost of the tickets, I hasten to add!) And even the journey there and back was a great part of the evening cos we were chatting away the whole time.

And there I will leave it for now.

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  1. Not worth a separate post, but I don't want to forget that on Monday I managed to speak briefly to my 17 year old's girlfriend - asked her if she wanted to stay for tea (she didn't). Moreover, because she was there, my son was polite and helpful towards me (!) He helped me to get some photos transferred from the camera to my computer when I couldn't find the necessary cable or card-reader. It's a small start, but it's something (I had also managed not to ask my son too much about his college work while giving him a lift to the station - he gets REALLY grumpy if I do this)