Sunday, 7 August 2011

Camping in the rain!

Jeez! So much for the BBC weather forecast! Supposed to be just a light shower at about 4pm today. There was indeed a shower earlier, at about 6pm - and it wasn't tooo heavy, although I wouldn't have called it light as such (we hung around at the Farmhouse Tea House for a while after we'd finished eating simply to dodge the heaviest bit.... and then just got a bit wet on the walk back to the campsite. But THIS?? No mention in the forecast of torrential rain at 10pm! The new tent is certainly being put to the test - and to be honest I'm a tad nervous. We're in the inner sleeping tent, Bob has settled down for the night, and so has the dog, it would appear - but I'd planned on trudging over to the loo block in a bit - leaving it till as late as possible in hope of not being woken up needing to go in the early hours of the morning. I just hope the rain eases off soon - no way am I venturing out in this downpour!

I woke up before 5am this morning - it was feeling cold that woke me - I'd made the rookie mistake of only wearing a t shirt and a jumper - should've worned my hoodie as well! Tonight I will be wearing all 3 necessary layers.

Rain is easing off a bit now. I'm listening to some Edinburgh Comedy previews, on my laptop, streaming via BBC iplayer website. Earlier we both listened to a Mitchell and Webb episode, but I've put the headphones on now (seriously couldn't hear the speakers at all when the rain was hammering down just then!) Bob is asleep now, which is another good reason for the headphones.

Here's hoping for a water-tight night!

Saturday, 6 August 2011


I'm sitting here in a reasonably comfortable folding camp-chair, typing by the light of an electric camp-lantern. I can hear Radio 4 on the little radio Bob is listening to in the sleeping tent as he drifts off to sleep (it's only 10.15pm, but camping makes early bedtimes more inevitable). I can also hear the wind in the trees outside the tent - a very pleasant and soothing sound. I am sitting here in my anorak, as well as the usual layers under it - cos tents don't have heating. But it's no hardship - I've totally relaxed, what with the Crabbies alcoholic ginger beer I've just finished. Mind you, that means I'll soon have to trek across the campsite to the toilet blocks: certainly the main disadvantage of a tent sans en suite.

The dog is cosy on my airbed and my sleeping bag (I will turf her off shortly when I take her out for a last widdle before settling down for the night.)

It rained quite heavily earlier - thankfully not while we were putting the new tent up (that went remarkably smoothly without a blazing row!) No leaks, and a pleasant, if rather loud, drumming sound. Less pleasant was the noise of the nearby raucous group of campers - glad they've quietened down now!

Camping is wonderfully relaxing and companionable, more so even than our preceding week in a cottage (which was also lovely and relaxing). A week in a tent really is  the 'get away from it all' option - with no Telly and (hence) evenings spent so differently from usual as we play cards or scrabble (Rummy this evening - which I won, due to one big 'catch')

On the other hand, the reason I am able to sit here and type this is that (unlike the cottage last week) I have been able to pay to have wireless internet. Not very old school, but even Bob didn't begrudge me it, with the advantage of googling bird identifications and weather forecasts and other bits of useful info.

Our main (joint) journal of the holiday is - as usual - hand-written in an exercise book. This is just an extra - the 'late night special'.

I am, however, trying to restrict my use of Facebook and Twitter (and I haven't been on AF at all) - part of the holiday ethos and keeping it more as 'our' holiday, just me and Bob. Hence I haven't updated my status or tweeted at all while I've been away (yet).

Last week I only  had my phone to contact the internet (and I have a feeling my bill next month may be a bit of a corker, due to the amount of data downloading without wireless!!); this week I have good wireless connection via my laptop. I wonder if I can maintain my self-discipline or if I will secumb to the temptation and start going mad on Facebook and Twitter. Bob has even asked me to upload a particular photo of a bird, which (if it's what we think it is) is quite an unusual spot at this time of year! It looks like a Water Pipit, but such birds are only supposed to be in the UK in the winter. Have posted the photo on a bird-watcher website, so we'll see if anyone can help.

Right, time to sign off and trek over to the loo block. Goodbye from tent-world. xx