Sunday, 14 March 2010

Catch-up info: Week 1 of TYSIC Progress report

This is the progress report I already posted as a comment on one of Mark's blogs (blog called Up with People, dated Thurs 11th March 2010)

1. This is my report on Week 1 (if I manage anything ‘above and beyond’ during this coming week to enter in the competition I will post again separately towards end of next week)
(By the way, sorry posting below is a bit long – I don’t currently have a blog to link to: may need to set one up)

My TYSIC Progress report (at end of Week 1) – Have I made any progress?

1. Improvement in my emotional wellbeing. Neutral week – not upward on imaginary graph BUT not downward either (keeping black dog days at bay & avoiding need for anti-depressants this year & beyond is part of the aim) Am therefore regarding it as a successful week. Working on rest of challenges below over next weeks/months/years will hopefully help with this challenge.

2. Sons & their future happiness (my role in their lives & helping towards their happy futures)
(a) Mother/Sons relationship: Progress: Yes (planned) Hoping to go out with both sons & husband for family lunch on Sat – although not yet confirmed with younger son; PLUS Comedy Gig booked – going with eldest son on Sunday evening (see 6 below); PLUS all 4 of us are going on trip together at Easter – to visit my parents (see 5 below).
(b) Positive approach to Girls in their lives: Progress: No – Failed to chat to younger son’s current girlfriend when she came round; But also Yes: some nice chats with elder son about relationships & female psychology.

3. Staying open to opportunities & taking risks/ trying new things:
Progress: Yes (planned) – Booked Australian Film Festival tickets for next week, despite nervousness about going on my own & coming home late on my own (haven’t been into central London on my own late at night for a v long time!)

4. Be more proactive generally. Not quite sure what I mean by this – ergo, nothing to report

5.Enjoy time with my parents.
Progress: Yes (planned) – Have Booked trip to see parents after Easter (whole family going over) Still to do: must also ring my mum soon – want to increase frequency of my phonecalls & haven’t done this yet

6.Go out to live entertainment more. Progress: Yes(planned) – booking made: going to gig with son on 14/3

7. NEW TYSIC – Relationship with husband – put a bit more effort in & nurture this
Progress: Yes (planned & actual) Husband now also being proactive – has suggested we go out for meals (etc) more frequently. Had enjoyable walks with dog together twice this week.

8. NEW TYSIC – Be less lazy & more productive daily (establish a sustainable level, not frenetic, but more than now!!!) – No progress. A few good days but still far too much laziness this week!

9. NEW TYSIC – STOP PROCRASTINATING – No progress Still far too much procrastinating this week!

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