Friday, 25 May 2012

BBC Recording - was it worth the heat?

My main reason for going to Rufus Hound's Teenage Diary radio recording last night was to get QI tickets. It was very hot in the bar, where I ended up waiting for a VERY long time! Moreso because it turned out my ticket number - 488 - was among the last to be called to go into the actual studio (they started with 301 and went up 20 at a time) However, on the plus side, there was a single seat quite near the front, so I did ok!

I didn't buy a single drink in the bar. I had bought KFC and a cup of tea - consumed these, then managed to find a chair for most of the rest of the time, quick trip to the loo and then had to stand for the last bit till I got in. The guest was interesting enough - not exactly a draw, but good for the purpose of the show. It was Julia Donaldson, the author of The Gruffalo, and also the Magic Paintbrush.

I was left with a vague curiosity about my own copious volumes of teenage diaries. Not long ago I looked at my youngest teen diaries - the one recorded in the 'lockable' 5 year diary, which only gave space for very short entries each day. These were sporadic - resumed from year to year, giving quite interesting parallels.

But my later diary was the hilariously titled 'The Living Breathing Heather Douglas in Print' - known (to me) as TLBHDIP, and further shortened to just TLB. I kept this title for volume after volume. I know it's mainly tedious accounts of endless boy obsessions. But maybe I could find some gems in there. It occurred to me that it might be interesting to type any such extracts as blogs and launch them into the realm of the internet. I suppose I could even scan some pages. It's an arrogant thing even to consider doing. But we shall see.

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