Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Christy Moore

Before I went to the concert at the Royal Festival Hall this evening (on my own) I was a tad worried that I wouldn't enjoy it and would regret having bought the ticket. I need not have worried. The live experience was electrifying! A smattering of songs I knew and many I didn't (I only have two Christy Moore CDs, the old classic Ride On and his most recent one, Folk Tale.) It was hearing the Morecombe Bay song on Radio 4 a month or so ago that prompted me to buy a ticket to see him live. He did indeed play that particular song, and also (as the last one before the encores) the classic Ride On.

Duriing the concert, I tried to keep a note of the set list, although the oddities of predictive text scrambled some of the titles beyond any recognition.

Here's the list as far as I have it recorded# (I think I missed a few)
In addition to the ones mentioned below, I've got one other whole song recorded (audio only) which I don't know the title of; and a snippet of video which I also don't know.

How long
Sacco and Vanzetti
Missing You - RECORDED
Farmer Michael Hayes
Holy Ground
Casey you're the devil
The City of Chicago (on the Ride On CD)
My Little Honda 50 (not a song I'd liked previously, but it was great live!)
Little Musgrave
((?? Predictive text put 'Ots one', so no idea what this one was!)
Sunshine (a solo by Declan)
North and South of the River (written with Bono and the Edge; there are versions by Christy with the U2 guys providing backing vocals and there's also a version by U2)
Viva la Quinte Brigade (on the Ride On CD)
Butterfly (So Much Wine) - have now discovered this song is a cover, original is by The Handsome Family, but Christy sings it about/dedicates it to George Best.
Don't forget your shovel
Delirium Tremens  (mentioned in the Telegraph Review)
Matty (=Dark Familiar one) - have this one RECORDED in full (audio)
Sweet Thames (apparently he always does this when performing on the Southbank)
McIlhatton (on the Ride On CD)
Joxer (=  funny football song, referencing Jack Charleton)
Ride On  (have this one on the Ride On CD ofcourse)
Burning Time
(Cliffs of Dooneen?) - RECORDED
Lisdoonvarna - RECORDED (and it's on Ride On CD)

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Just been listening to 3 very different versions of 'North and South of the River' - on Youtube. It was one of my favourites during the concert -  a beautiful song about the relationship between the north and south of Ireland.  It was co-written by Christy Moore, Bono and The Edge. Both U2 and Christy Moore have performed and recorded it. The only live version by U2 differs greatly from their recorded version (I don't much like the latter). And there's an early version with main vocal by Christy plus backing vocals by Bono and The Edge (hard to get hold of, but I've ordered a CD from Amazon that I *think* has it on it.

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