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Looking back and summing up (Sept-Dec 2010)

(This honestly isn't of interest to anyone except me - only posting it as a blog so I have it safely out there in the ether - it's just a summing up - in boring diary fashion - of my Sept-Dec 2010. I haven't done a proper TYSIC review of the year yet - will do a separate blog about that in due course.)

After posting my last blog about the trip to Stratford with Bob, I was surprised to notice the long gap prior to that - I hadn't blogged between late July 2010 and January 2011. I guess I must be unbloggy in the Autumn for some reason. So, for the sake of my own future curiosity about the rear end of 2010, I will attempt to dredge up some memories to prove that I was alive and doing stuff between September and December 2010. My diary is no help, unfortunately: a much regretted synch-error obliterated ALL my iphone calendar info, past and future, not long ago. That was annoying, to say the least! I have mainly used Facebook to reconstruct a diary of the period in question for myself.

25th (?) Went to see Mark Watson - see previous blog about that
26th - term finished, so finished work for the summer!
28th - Went to see Gutted, a Musical at the Lyric Riverside. Loved it! (got a free ticket from Michael Legge via Twitter!)

2 week holiday (1st-14th?) wth Bob & Cadi in Dorset. First week in a lovely little cottage, 2nd week in our tent. Did no sketching, except for Minchin related stuff (the top trump cards); also writing out & photo for the lyrics competition. Holiday was happy throughout, barring the stress of getting the tent down on final day, which led to a bit of a vegetable oil related row! There is a full holiday diary in hand-writtn form.

16th - Wynn fell & cut his shin v badly - ended up in Hampstead A&E - I drove over to be there for him, and to bring him home again; then took him back on 18th to have the wound properly stitched by plastic surgeon.

17th Went to see Warhorse with Jooles & Emma (Vikki working on it of course) - a fantastic show!!

19th - Gethin's A level results: he did pretty well (a tad better than Wynn, in fact!)
21st Trip to Cliveden with Bob & Cadi - a lovely walk in a NT place new to us
22nd - trip to Hitchin to see Caroline
? 24-25th Lewisham 1st trip to see Jooles, then 2nd trip (the next day?) to New Cross to take Wynn's stuff to his new flat
26th - Went to see Toy Story 3 (3D) on my own (cos Bob wasn't too keen)
28th - Went for family anniv meal with Bob & both boys - think we went to Charlotte's? (Bob & I also went blackberry picking, apparently)
29th Went to see Inception with Bob in the 'posh' cinema (Screen Vue in Westfield) - our first experience of the difference. Sooooo nice!

2nd Sept - Bob and I went to Lisa's for a celebratory Anniversary meal (21 years)
4th-5th Sept - Scout Family Camp - fun, despite feeling unwell: Campfire went pretty well, despite me feeling iffy.
8th - Dreadful play at Richmond theatre with Ian H (a Morse travesty) So bad it was fun!
Bob away for a week at a conference in Germany (returned 11th) - came back with a yearning to possess an expensive set of replica fossil models - I granted his wish in due course, despite the high price!
12th - met up with Caroline and Diane (who was over in London for a course)
15th - got to be a 'cover supervisor' with the class for an afternoon
21st Sept - went to see Dara O'Briain at Hammersmith Apollo- with my son Wynn. Very much enjoyed that.
22nd Sept - conclusion of extensive cosmetic dental treatment (started early Aug): very happy with the results! : well worth the money!
25-26 Sept: went to visit my Dad in Belfast cos he was in hospital. My brother also popped up for a quick visit on the Sunday.
Mon 26th - Live at the Apollo recording with Emma

2-3rd Oct: 2 dogs came to stay
10th - Hyde Park to view the half-marathon, with Emma & Jooles (met a certain runner)
? - 1st Jason Byrne radio recording - with Gethin & Lida
13th - Jason Byrne radio recording (on my own this time) - a much funnier show than last one
15th - Minchin & others at Union Chapel
16th - Storm premiere at TAM
23rd - great shopping trip for clothes with Bob (outfit for the wedding)
23rd (evening) Wynn was home for a visit - had a lovely long natter that evening.
26th Oct - Minchin preview gig at 100 Club (I think?): involved hanging around outside on pavement afterwards, rather than going to the pub....but quite good fun, with the other Feeters.

30th - went to see Burke & Hare with Bob, and really liked it (not sure which cinema - may just have been VIP seats in normal one, rather than Westfield Screen one)

31st - Went to see Minchin (along with others) at Lyric Hammersmith.

2nd - First there was a problem with the central heating (engineer came & fixed) and then the Dishwasher stopped working - engineer came, but took a while to get the needed part.
Sat 7th Nov - went to Stoke Poges (with Sandra) to see the Scout District's fireworks

Went to my niece's wedding in Cardiff on 20/11- with the whole family. Fell and fractured my arm while trying to have a shower in the (horrible) Travelodge the night before. Knew it was VERY sore, and very difficult to drive, but didn't realise there was a hairline fracture (cos I could wiggle my fingers). Wedding was lovely, despite my arm. The Hotel on the night of the wedding - the reception venue - was absolutely lovely. Drove us all home from Cardiff to London on the Sunday

Infinite Monkey Cage recording - 22/11 (the one with Minchin: I had also been to another IMC recording a couple of weeks before this - also v enjoyable)

27th - Cinema outing with Bob - the posh one again. Harry Potter

Frost Fair (with arm in a cast) - Fri 29th Nov
A week off work (while arm was in back-slab cast)
Back to work when arm in a full (pink!) cast.

Masterminded the Beavers (and Cubs presentation at Church Parade early in Dec. For once, I pre-cast and handed out scripts in advance - which made things a lot easier!

Masterminded Beaver & Cub Xmas show - rehearsal on 3rd, performance on 17th. It went pretty well, in the end!

11th December Went to see Matilda in Stratford-upon-Avon (by train, with Emma) cos unable to drive due to dodgy arm)

Went to see Tim Minchin at the O2 on 14th Dec, and then saw him again in Nottingham on Sat 18th Dec.

Jess (Wynn's girlfriend) joined us for Christmas, arriving on Christmas Eve. Had a nice Xmas eve meal that night (ham etc) - and then both Jess & Wynn came to Midnight Mass with me (Anglican, although Jess is RC).

Christmas Day was my happiest day of the whole year - and the best Christmas for many, many years! Cuddles were enjoyed! Gifts opened in suitable frenzy! Board games were played! TV was watched (Dr Who, new Bill Bailey DVD)! Vast amounts of delicious food was eaten! Sweets & chocs were consumed. Boxing Day was also delightful - particularly the walk (and sledging) up on Horsenden Hill in the snow with Jess & Wynn (Gethin was working so couldn't come along)

Jess attempted to leave on 27th, but 'bounced back' for an extra couple of days.

Mum and Dad arrived evening of 30th - and stayed with us till morning of 2nd Jan. A lovely visit. Included visit to Nat Hist Museum on 31st, to see the Wildlife Photography Exhib (both W & G came as well) Also a trip to Chiswick Park on 1st without the boys). Also watched all the Eric & Ernie progs on evening of 31st

Bob's birthday on 2nd Jan - after I got back from taking my parents to the airport, Bob, Wynn and I went up to the British Museum and had an amazing lunch at the restaurant there. Didn't got to any exhibitions in the end - instead did a spot of window & real shopping - mobile phone for Bob, visit to his favourite book shop, HMV, researching guitars for Wynn.... A really lovely day together.

Monday 3rd Jan - final day of holiday for me. No idea what we did: just lazing at home I think.
(Bob was off longer and went to Malvern with Wynn for a couple of days 4th/5th)

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