Tuesday, 4 May 2010

TYSIC - Update (Tues 4th May)


1. A good week for emotional well-being generally. (except last Tuesday, which was a difficult, moody day) As a result of a recent museum trip, I am now pondering ways to be become more creative – drawing? Painting? Writing?

2. Some productivity this week - quite positive generally, especially booking part of our summer holiday and getting on with a few chores I’d been putting off (in particular, buying a cheap vacuum cleaner, keeping up with the laundry and banking cheques ) On the other hand, yesterday was a very lazy day, and today I took a ‘siesta’. I do love afternoon naps, but they’re a bit of an indulgence.

3. Sons - nothing of note to report (neutral: nothing bad but nothing good either).

4. Trying new things/being proactive. Yes, a good week: went to Oxford on Sunday for example. I also tried a new idea to help a particular child at work last week and have been encouraged by the results so far.

5. My parents – up until today = a big fat fail BUT I just rang and had longish chat with my mum this evening (mind you, I must acknowledge that I had left it rather too long since our last chat: must get into the habit of ringing them more frequently - once a week or so)

6. Husband - a very VERY good week! Lots of quality time and cuddles, especially Saturday and Sunday, what with our theatre trip (to see Moby Dick) and our day-outing to Oxford.

7. Live entertainment - yes: went to Spymonkey’s version of Moby Dick on Saturday. Very enjoyable indeed.

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