Friday, 20 March 2009

Hello universe! Here's a dot among dots, a carbon concoction. A wisp of thought in a frame of bones. And it's all good. The meaning of it all? Who knows. A gorilla blogger says "God sucks" Interesting....

I'm supposed to be a Christian - regular church goer n' all that. But here's the rub - some days I'm content to believe both that God exists and that God is Good; some days I find myself leaning to the view that God is a useful concept but one which probably doesn't have an objective reality (whatever that might mean); and then, finally, there are the days when I agree that "God sucks" (in which case He exists... but that's not really a good thing cos he totally sucks)

Oh yeah - there's a fourth category of days (probably the most numerous in fact) - the days when I just hover above the whole question and don't bother to land on ANY view at all.

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